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MLF Description

Mutant League Football introduced fantasy players (some based on real stars and coaches) and off-the-wall violence to traditional Madden style football gameplay.


The origins of Mutant League  are shrouded in the mists of time of time, the madness of thermonuclear destruction, the planet wide upheaval of alien invasion, the eeriness of restless corpses bursting from the grave, and a sloppy filing system set up by some temp. What records still exist have been altered by haphazard scripes, sly propagandists, and what appears to be barbecue sauce.  
Is that barbeque sauce?  It smells funny.  For the love of all that makes up sanity, why are you licking it??  Okay, it's barbeque sauce.

Centuries ago, the galaxy was beset by a series of shattering cataclysms. Exploding supernovas, interstellar firestorms, atomic war, upheavals in the time space continuum, and repeated sanitation strikes plunged everything into chaos. A barbaric new order rose from the ashes. But it decided it liked the ashes and sunk back into them. That got crowded before long, so an even more barbaric order appeared which didn't so much rise from the ashes but rather got kicked out of them.

This new order splintered into numerous warring sects. All-out war returned to the galaxy and weapons of mass destruction reappeared. But one sect realized that this would only lead once again to widespread, and perhaps final, annihilation. So at the bidding of the Ancient Ones, they organized the Mutant League to settle conflicts in small, semi-controlled battles. These battles would take the form of ancient contests such as football and hockey.

These contest came to be viewed more as sports than wars, and the participants were seen as teams rather than armies. 


Mutant League Football featured both single and multiplayer gameplay across multiple modes. "Single Game" allowed for exhibition games against human opponents or AI. "Playoffs" was designed so players could select one of the teams and take part in a 16-team playoff series, with a password-backup system allowing for playoffs to be continued mid-season.  "Practice" mode offered the ability to run offensive plays.


Stadiums and Fields

Since the Mutant League is both interplanetary and cross-dimensional, the stadiums featured a wide variety of field surfaces and hazards. Mutant League stadiums contain some of the nastiest places in the galaxy, where death is commonplace, mercy is ridiculed, and suffering is always good for a chuckle. And those are just the concession stands. The fields are even worse. They are strewn with natural and unnatural traps and debris that add the promise of ever impending destruction to the players, unpredictability, and serious injuries to every game.  This of course compiles to add some extra entertainment for the myriyad of fans who are bored with the violence and destruction that has become all too commonplace at the concession stands.  Is that barbeque sauce?

Field Surfaces:

Different surfaces have different characteristics. Some are soft, some are slick as slime on a skull.  Oh for the love of beelzebub, can someone get that damned intern to stop licking questionable substances? *SIGH*  Some are hard and as abrasive as a defensive coordinator's heart wrapped in sandpaper. 

- Space Rock
- Space Ice
- Sand
- Desert
- Rubber

Field Hazards

- Mines
- Pits
- Rocks
- Thin Ice
- Firepits
- Abyss

Nasty Audibles

Nasty Audibles are low, twisted, and evil tactics, the sickest sort of behavior imaginable, and an unpardonable affront to common decency. Naturally the fans love them but not as much as the players do. They are intended to screw with opponents, or, if that doesn't work, kill them.  Plain and simple.  Each team has it's own set if Nasty Audibles.  Although it would not be expected that a sport as violent and uncontrollable as this has rules, or even that the crazed and often homicidal players recruited to such a sport would even think to abide by any such rules, each Nasty Audible is usable only once per half.


- Pass Blast
- Bomb
- Run Blast
- Rumble Fumble
- Rocket Pack
- Super Speed
- Super Strength
- Kill Ref
- Invisibility
- Skunk
- Confusion



- QB Smash

- Electrocute
- Blackout
- Confusion
- Ghosts
- Super Speed
- Super Strength
- Kill Ref



Teams consisted of Aliens, skeletons, trolls, robots and superhumans. Each team fields 7 players instead of 11.  Some team names and player names were humorous parodies of real team and player names.  Some examples of the player names were  Bones Jackson (play on the fact that he is a skeleton, and also, Bo Jackson), and Scary Ice (Jerry Rice).

List Of Team Names (and parodies where appropriate)

Maniac Conference:

Darkstar Dragons (San Francisco 49ers)
Killer Konvicts (Dallas Cowboys)
Misfit Demons (Miami Dolphins)
Psycho Slashers (Pittsburgh Steelers)
Screaming Evils (Philadelphia Eagles)
Slaycity Slayers (Seattle Seahawks)
Terminator Tollz
Turbo Techies

Toxic Conference:
Deathskin Razors (Oakland Raiders)
Icebay Bashers (Green Bay Packers)
Midway Monsters (Chicago Bears)
Rad Rockers (New York Giants)
Road Warriors (Washington Redskins)
Sixty Whiners (The name is a parody of the 49ers but none of the player names are)
Vile Vulgars (Minnesota Vikings)
War Slammers
The Game also has 3 all-star teams, one for each conference, and "Galaxy All-Stars" containing the best players in the league.
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