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12/26/12 - What's your vision of Famine art contest. Vote for the top 7 finalists here:

Artwork by Dave Devries

12/25/12 - Merry Christmas everyone! Hope Santa delivers everything you wish for! 

1/1/13 - Happy New Year to all! 2013 is going to be a great year, much better than 2012. Be who  you want to be.

Michael Mendheim - Games and Comic News 

1/13/13 - Famine Art Contest is Over!!! Congrats to the rest of the finalists. Great job to you all and everyone who submitted artwork for this contest of Facebook.

Grand Prize Winner! Winner of original Simon Bisely painting of Famine and everything below.

1). Alex Mcvey 281 (likes)

Runners up – Win a signed edition of the End of Days and everything below:

2). Gene Pabalan 196 (likes)

3). Drew Travis 172 (likes)
4). Frank Walls 149 (likes)

Finalists will appear in Heavy Metal Magazine and a digital years subscription to Heavy Metal:

5). Decapitated Dan 47 (likes)
6). Russ Wiebe 25 (likes)
7). Shawn David Houser 25 (likes)

Great Job everyone!!!

Latest News

2/4/13 - Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse: Helldiver is the winner of 2012 Ghastly Awards for Best Original Graphic Novel and Best Artist, Simon Bisley.  A huge thanks to Decapitated Dan and all our peers and fans who nominated and voted for us. THANKS YOU SO MUCH!!!

You can see all the award winners and nominees here: 

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