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Bringing the hunt back to where it all started...




In the near future, advances in engineering have made interstellar travel possible, bringing forth the era of space exploration. Among the many planets mankind has discovered was a world very similar to Earth circa the Jurassic period. The planet had a lot of islands populated with huge and wild animals, which supposedly looked just like Earth's long extinct dinosaurs. Soon enough exploration of the planet began. "DinoHunt, Inc" was established, and the company started to provide hunting trips for everyone wealthy and bold enough to take on mighty creatures inhabiting the planet.


You are one of those hunters. The game brings you to an ancient environment and lets you hunt for the most dangerous and the strongest creatures in the universe. Get a hunting license, pack up your gear, choose an island to hunt and embark on the adventure of a lifetime!




Dinosaur Hunter: Reborn

Meat T-Rex




Beautiful surroundings set in multiple locations with a variety of enviroments.


Multiple dinosaur species to hunt or subdue.


A wide variety of gear and gadgetry to assist you in your travels.


Realistic advanced AI means you may become the hunted.


A full size trophy room to showcase your lifesize trophies.



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