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Michael Mendheim Creator & Designer of Mutant League Football

While enjoying a night of drinking, Fester bears witness to an alien invasion and decides to take his blunderbussand save the city.  Along the way, Fester encounters several other members of the Addams Family, including  Thing, Wednesday, Gomez, Morticia,Grandmama, and Pugsley, all of whom will  offer him help by giving him different weapons and items. The game uses Blaster Master's overhead shooter engine.


Fester must travel through the city sewers to reach areas that are otherwise inaccessible due to aboveground obstacles. He may enter certain buildings, which transform the game from its standard overhead view into a 3D mode of play akin to a dungeon crawl. 


It was originally released for play on the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1989 in North America and 1990 in Europe.


Fester's Quest [NES]

Fester's Quest T.V. Spot

Fester's Quest Gameplay

Mutant League Football 

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