Sega Midwest Studio, New 

Wave Graphics Inc., Blue Line Productions, Wotman Productions

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.


From the game's title screen roll:

  • Lead Programmer: John Walsh

  • Programmers: Eric Repasy, Robert Knaack, Jonathan Murfey

  • Lead Animator: Kevin Loza

  • Artists: Denise Wallner, Mary Ann Cicero, Jim Karm, Jonathan Murfey, Jim Rohn, Stan Fukuoka

  • Associate Producer: Howard Schwartz

  • Game Design: Mike Mendheim, New Wave Graphics Inc.

  • Associate Designer to New Wave: Alan Martin

  • Producer: Richard Robbins

  • Stats By: Blue Line Productions

  • Color Commentary: Marv Albert

  • Video Production: Wotman Productions

  • Special Thanks To: Jay Jacobs, Doug Rebert, Mike Meischeid, Wayne Townsend, Chase Ayers