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Michael Mendheim Creator & Designer of Mutant League Football

Mutant League

Mutant League Football introduced fantasy players (some based on real stars and coaches) and off-the-wall violence to traditional Madden style football gameplay. 


The origins of Mutant League  are shrouded in the mists of time, the madness of thermonuclear destruction, the planet wide upheaval of alien invasion, the eeriness of restless corpses bursting from the grave, and a sloppy filing system set up by some temp. What records still exist have been altered by haphazard scribes, sly propagandists, and what appears to be barbecue sauce.   Is that barbeque sauce?  It smells funny.  For the love of all that makes up sanity, why are you licking it??  Okay, it's barbeque sauce.



Mutant League Football 

Mutant League Cartoon Intro

Mutant League Cartoon Intro

Mutant League Cartoon Intro

Fan Made Mutant League

Mutant League Cartoon 

Mutant League Hockey 

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