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The Biggest C2E2 Ever!

We just returned from C2E2 and had an absolute blast. It was the biggest C2E2 ever! We had a chance to meet hundreds of friendly people at the con and also had the opportunity to show the “Chi-Town” Mutant Football fans our “first look” game demo. While we’re still early in development, it did turn heads...

and literally stopped every 11 to 14 year old in their tracks, their eyes literally glued to the screen. This was such a relief, because we are going to need new fans who have never played the original game as well as our core fans. We collected hundreds of e-mail addresses who are now part of the MFL Nation (you all should have read this in your emails already if the grunts are doing their jobs!). Welcome you guys and thanks for stopping by at the show!

To see some photos from the floor and more...

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